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The traditional hard hat is the most common head protection found on job sites today. Although inexpensive and readily available, the hard hat has seen few changes and advancements since its design in the 1960s. However, a new category has emerged as the next generation of workplace head protection: the "Safety Helmet."

Job site head protection can be divided into two categories: Type I and Type II. The traditional hard hat, known as "Type I," is comprised of a hard outer shell paired with an adjustable inner suspension system. Type I hard hats are typically offered in three configurations: Class G (General Use), Class E (Electrical), and Class C (Conductive), with each model OSHA-approved and meeting ANSI Z89.1 standards for top-of-head protection.

Type I Hard Hat versus Type II Safety Helmet

Type II hard hats, or "Safety Helmets" as the category has become known, represent the next evolution in job site head protection. Type II helmets include advanced features like increased impact protection thanks to an integrated four-point suspension system. A secure chin strap with an easy-release magnetic lock ensures these helmets fit snugly and stay on the head in the event of top, side, front, or rear impacts. Other features such as anti-microbial liner materials and built-in attachment points compatible with a wide range of accessories are how Type II helmets take job site safety to a new level.

Both Types I and II hard hats provide approved job site head protection. However, the advanced technology, safety, and comfort features on Type II Safety Helmets have made them the new benchmark for workplace head protection (think bicycle or snowboard style helmets). As the industry transitions to these more advanced models, look for even more advanced technology to come to the forefront.

Take workplace head protection to the next level with a quality Type II Safety Helmet like those offered by LIFT Safety.

Introducing the LIFT RADIX Type II Safety Helmet

LIFT RADIX Type II Safety Helmet

LIFT Safety proudly introduces its new Type II Safety Helmet, the RADIX. With over 35 years of experience, the RADIX takes comfort to the next level thanks to its four-point LUX Suspension system, which guarantees the helmet fits securely on the head.

A magnetic quick-lock, adjustable chinstrap makes the RADIX ideal for working at height or on the ground, and its ventilated outer shell protects against job site impact hazards.

The RADIX even allows one to integrate an ARCLIGHT headlamp, LIFT hearing protection, and multiple other accessories. This is an entirely modular helmet that meets the needs of numerous industries and work environments.

Overview of Tech

  • External Shell – High-density polypropylene external shell provides high impact resistance without the weight
  • Crown Impact – Dual-density polystyrene interior designed to protect against crown impact
  • Side Impacts – High-density polystyrene interior protects from side, front, and rear impacts
  • LUX Suspension System – is purposely designed to fit secure and comfortable. Oversized ratcheting fitment size adjustment is easy to grip and use with gloves on or off. Secure four-point connection with easy release magnetic snap lock


Internal Shell

  • Dual Density Liners– Complete TYPE 2 protection, with polystyrene blended interior liner for optimal protection
  • Channel Vents – Twelve (12) purposely designed ventilation system channels provide advanced airflow throughout the helmet for all-day comfort
  • Air-Mesh Liner Pads – Thermal regulating, anti-microbial fabrics wick away moisture keeping you dry and cool


Details That Make a Difference

  • Magnetic Chin Clasp – Keeps your helmet in place and secure with easy release magnetic lock
  • Oversized Adjustment Dial –The ratcheting fitment dial is easy to grip and use with gloves on or off
  • Patented Brim Grip – Exclusive design provides a secure feel
  • Unique Design – focuses on all-day comfort, safety, and performance

LIFT RADIX Type II Non-Vented Safety Helmet DETAILS

Other Key Features

  • Integrated Accessory Clips – four separate universal ports to fit a wide array of accessories such as ARCLITE headlamps, face shields, badges, and ear protection
  • Vented and Non-Vented Versions –for varying temperatures and weather conditions
  • Safety Classifications – ANSI Z89.1, Type II, Class E and C Certified
  • One Size Fits Most – Standard Head Size 6.5"–8.0" (52–-64 cm head circumference)
  • Color Options – Available in Red, Yellow, Hi-Viz Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Grey, and Carbon colorways

Pro Tip: With many copycat products on the market, choose a safety helmet that meets ANSI Z89.1 Type II certification standards for side, front, and rear impacts.

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LIFT RADIX Type II Safety Helmet

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