About Lift Safety

LIFT Safety is a premium industrial products brand, innovating and redefining safety products for over 20-years.

Inspired by our subsidiary company EVS-Sports, LIFT Safety is the proven brand that integrates performance, protection, function, quality and style into a full safety line from hardhats to knee protection.

The LIFT / EVS Connection

In 1985 two gentlemen developed a strategy that would forever change and revolutionize the sport of motocross. After years of knee injuries and no brace on the market to fit their need, EVS Sports was born. The AMX-5 was the industry's first ever motocross specific knee brace. Over 25 years later the AMX-5 saw tremendous success with some of the worlds most prestigious athletes using it and helping to grow the brand into the image it has become today. Over the last quarter of a century EVS Sports has become the leader in innovation and advanced technology, developing head to toe products for the majority of today's extreme sports athletes. What started out as one knee brace has evolved into an extensive line of knees braces, neck supports, helmets, chest/back protection and a long list of protective gear products to keep any athlete safe when doing what they love. We pour the same amount of dedication and determination into our products as you do into becoming the best that you can possibly be.


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