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ArcLite Universal Headlamp


80 Meter Beam

Rechargeable Battery

Multiple Modes

Drop Resistant

Weather Resistant

Adjustable Beam Angle


  • 340 lumens in Maximum illumination mode, the Arclite Headlamp can illuminate objects up to 80 meters away.
  • Primary mode features six light options: Maximum, High, Medium, Low, Steady Red and Flashing Red.
  • Secondary sensor mode allows the user to turn the light on and off in each mode with the wave of a hand.
  • The Arclite Headlamp offers a soft, elastic strap for wearing on your head or generic hardhat mounting and a detachable mount for our RADIX safety helmet.
  • For owners of LIFT Safety accessory mount ready hard hats a clip mount is included.
  • Fits BRIGGS, DAX, RADIX and iDAX hard hats.