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Los Angeles, CA – LIFT Airborne Technologies LLC is the premier advanced technology expert in building of flight helmet systems and related componentry. LIFT Airborne is currently making huge progress in the development of our Next Generation Fixed Wing Helmet for the United States Air Force. Working with respected industry partners, LIFT Airborne helmet systems incorporate only the latest and most intelligent components that improve mission success in comfort and in style, while reducing inspection, maintenance and repair in time, money, and operational downtime. Our goal is to continually evolve each and every component and element of every product we build, such that we’re ALWAYS introducing the Next Generation of technology. 

Our experienced and quality focused management team has a simple motto which reads: CHOOSE BETTER. 

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. As a partner of the worldwide leaders of personal protective gear that include among others EVS Sports, LIFT Safety and LIFT Aviation, we’re accustomed to produce advanced gear that’s at the pinnacle of the industry standards. Our history of success has always been led by the forward-thinking ideas of our talented Product Design Team. Our award-winning engineers continue to be on the forefront of safety and production design. While many product advancements come from the knowledge we’ve gained through experience, much of our success can be attributed to the active partnerships we have with our sister brands EVS Sports, LIFT Safety, LIFT Aviation.

Great ideas drive innovation. That’s why our network of brands have been working together, collectively sharing knowledge and resources, and collaborating across a variety of projects. It’s this approach that helps bring new ideas, key technologies, and best practices from across several different industries, leading to more innovative products. Working together, we can combine our strengths to dream bigger, and build better. 

Click below to learn more about the next-generation features and benefits of the all new LIFT Airborne Fixed Wing Flight Helmet.





LIFT Airborne Technologies will be traveling the world, previewing the future of flight helmet technology. Come find us at the following: 

59th Annual SAFE Symposium 2021
Mobile Convention Center - Mobile, AL
November 2 – 4
Dubai Airshow 2021
Dubai World Central (DWC), Dubai Airshow Site
November 14 - 18






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